Dicar global s.r.l. offers an ordinary and extraordinary assistance and maintenance service, in establishments of food production, cement plants, automotive, for the power and mechanical industry. The maintenance takes place in accordance with the current legislation, guaranteeing high-standards of safety and efficiency.

The technical staff consists of 40 operating units and is able to intervene in the event of an emergency situation, for which an immediate resolution is required , and also to carry out a preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance.


It’s worth carrying out a gap analysis of the plant in order to prevent possible faults which may arise. This allows the best use of the available resources, working in complete safety and reducing consumption.

The predictive analysis is achieved by the identification of one or more parameters which are measured by using appropriate mathematical models, in order to establish the time remaining before a machine fault. This makes it possible to identify the anomalies and avoiding economic and environmental consequences, and then improving the index of the overall economic efficiency.