For more than 30 years, Dicar global offers a brokerage service of the industrial components in the fields of oleodynamics, filtration, pneumatics, valves, oleodynamic pumps, vacuum pumps, hydraulic pumps and other automation components. Our commercial division accepts the customer’s demands and is able to offer the most reliable solutions available on the market at a competitive price. In addition, it is possible to provide both standard solutions and customized solutions for all kinds of application.

We are authorized distributors of the whole range of products

Chesterton is a global leader in the production, research and development of solutions for industrial plants, specifically: industrial sealing systems for machinery of fluid handling and static couplings; engineered sealing systems for hydraulics and pneumatics; technical products for industrial use: cleaners and degreasers, greases and lubricants, coatings, special products for maintenance and metalworking fluids;

advanced composite materials reinforced for the restoration and the surface protection of metals and concrete subject to chemical or physical attack (erosion, corrosion, abrasion, effort, shocks, impacts).

Ufi filters is leader in the technologies of the oleodynamic and hydraulic filtration, its products are used in various sectors from the automotive, aerospace and marine to the hydraulic applications customized and specific for the industry.

For over 60 years, Afag produces and develops automation components for the assembly in the field of nutrition, handling and transport. Especially for pneumatic sledges, electric sledges, separators, linear vibrators, vibrant cups and router springs.

Other brands

Dicar global is specialised in the distribution of

Fasteners for hot moulding


Links printed by fork mould for the transport of raw materials


Filters for oleodynamic power unit


Industrial lubricants


Creusabro plates for mills cement production